• 28 Jul 2022
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    Article summary

    GA June 6, 2022

    Feature Requests

    52960Reports generated in Excel are now exported in XLSX format for better experience and support of extra-large files.Analytics
    54161Improved Patch Management implementation mechanism to resolve Apache HTTPD vulnerability errors. (This also covers FR# 58032.)Patch Management
    52260Admins can map CI Fields to the Owner Group field when importing CIs into SysAid’s CMDB.CMDB
    64356Created a new ‘$ReopenSR-requires_login’ tag for ticket notifications.
    Using this tag will verify that the user who clicked the link is logged in to SysAid and update the SR as needed.
    Help Desk
    51918A new check box in the Escalation Rules form allows admins to set reminders on action items.
    Configuration requires using custom user fields and action items dependencies.
    Help Desk
    53457Admins can filter columns in the routing rules list by specific values.Help Desk
    60457We added two new variable tags that can be added to ticket notifications in both the recipient field and the body of the notification:
    • $RequestUserManager – The direct manager of the ticket’s request user.
    • $AIAssigneeDirectManager – The direct manager of the user assigned to the action item.
    Help Desk
    66409Improved performance in loading the Self-Service Portal in different sections: Catalogue items, FAQs, new ticket and category display and drop downs.
    This addresses bugs 65724, 60463, and 54442 as well.
    Self-Service Portal
    53656Admins can define how many tickets are displayed in the Self-Service Portal scoreboard page when the end-user clicks Show All.Self-Service Portal
    60979Improved performance around the loading of tickets in the scoreboard for a better customer experience.Self-Service Portal
    66129Added validation when end-users self-registered for the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
    67236Removed capability to import and export knowledge base articles to and from the SysAid Community in preparation for the relaunch of the community.Knowledge Base
    65579Tightened security around potential XSS vulnerabilities (also covers bug #66542).Security
    65584Tightened security around changing password capability on the My Settings page.Security
    67238Removed or restricted access to certain vulnerable files on the SysAid server. This also covers FR #67237Security
    67241Tightened security against potential XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks in the Password Services module.Security
    67258Tightened security against potential XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks via the Linked SRs field.Security
    67262Tightened security against potential XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks in the Asset Dashboard.Security
    66686Added validation of file types when attachments are uploaded to SysAid. See list of supported file types here.Security
    52825Admins can now sort the Asset list by the Last Access Time column in ascending or descending order.Asset Management
    64635Changes were made to the Microsoft Azure interface. We updated the online help for the O365 integration to include the needed configuration changes.Third-Party Integration
    65264Updated our documentation for setting up the OneLogin SSO integration in response to changes in OneLogin’s requirements.Third-Party Integration
    61365Tightened security around access to LDAP Imported users via the API. This covers CVE-2021-36721.Security
    66686 (*)Added validation of file types when attachments are uploaded to SysAid. See list of supported file types here. This covers CVE-2021-22796.Security
    66692Tightened security around access for non-admin users. This covers CVE-2022-22798.Security
    67656Tightened security against potential Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks. This covers CVE-2022-23165. This also covers FR #5209.Security
    67655Tightened security around access to vulnerable files in the SysAid server.
    This covers CVE-2022-23166.
    66687Resolved vulnerabilities related to Apache Tomcat.Security

    Bug Fixes

    Bug #DescriptionModule/Tool
    61655Fixed a bug that caused an empty list page to open when admins clicked on the Highest Values graph in the Dashboard.Analytics
    64779Fixed a bug that caused SysAid to create duplicate asset records when the asset ID generated by the SysAid agent consisted of only one digit.Asset Management
    57188Fixed a bug that prevented SysAid from displaying changes to an admin’s Company, Location, and Department fields on an asset that was automatically assigned to that admin.Asset Management
    66131Fixed a bug that generated errors when an admin attempted to import Chromebook devices that were missing an Auto-update expiration date.Asset Management
    64125Fixed a bug that caused a timeout when admins tried exporting the list of assets that were using a software product.Asset Management
    52731Fixed a bug that prevented SysAid from properly displaying graphs in the dashboard when the dashboard headers contained certain special characters.Dashboard
    65798Fixed a bug that sometimes caused timeouts when SysAid was loading the email rules page.Email Integration
    66132Fixed a bug that caused SysAid to ignore certain user parameters in routing rules on tickets generated via email, when email integration was configured with OAuth 2.0 protocol.Email Integration
    65798Fixed a bug that sometimes caused timeouts when SysAid was loading the email rules page.Email Integration
    65211Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented admins from changing the order of routing rules.Help Desk
    65409Fixed a bug that caused escalation rules to run outside of the defined operating hours.Help Desk
    66388Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented users from logging in to the Mobile solution after they had logged out.Mobile
    65757Fixed a bug that prevented the Self-Service Portal from displaying the profile menu when it was opened via the hotkey.Self Service Portal
    64572Fixed a bug that caused the agent hotkey to open the now deprecated End-User Portal when the Self-Service Portal was disabled in that account.Self Service Portal
    65199Fixed a bug that prevented end users from automatically downloading the ticket attachment after login to the Self-Service Portal, when they click on the ‘${LinkToAttachments}’ tag in a ticket email notification.Self Service Portal
    65353Fixed a bug that sometimes caused content generated by category pointers from appearing in the service catalog.Self Service Portal
    65363Fixed a bug that sometimes generated an error when admins tried to populate data in a workflow template with many action items.Service Desk
    63121Fixed a bug that prevented the Self-Service Portal’s Scoreboard from displaying any items in the full Workflow Actions list when one of the workflow actions on the list had been deleted from its template.Service Desk
    64086Fixed a bug that prevented SysAid from sending emails with attachments larger than 3MB when email integration was configured for O365 using the Oauth 2.0 protocol.Third-Party Integration
    66123Fixed a bug that caused the ‘Can be assigned to service record’ setting to be reverted to its default for Azure-imported user groups when SysAid synced with Azure.Third-Party Integration
    66620Fixed a bug that prevented Azure-imported admins from seeing tickets assigned to their group.Third-Party Integration
    65590Added the capability to remove configurations in the Multi SSO Connector setup page, along with other minor UI updates.Third-Party Integration
    65802Fixed a bug that prevented admins from changing the HTML displayed in their login screen for the SSO Connector add-on.Third-Party Integration
    57227Fixed a bug that caused users who were demoted from admin to end user to maintain some of their original admin permissions.User Management

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