Spaces Hybrid Mode | June 2024
    • 09 Jul 2024
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    Spaces Hybrid Mode | June 2024

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    Article summary

    The new Spaces Service Desk delivers SysAid’s Classic Service Desk features with a new look, feel, experience, and enhanced capabilities.

    The following features have been revamped and optimized with a new look and feel and more robust functionalities:

    In parallel to the enhanced Spaces experience, various Classic features are currently (only) available in Spaces Hybrid Mode.

    This article explains how to use the new Spaces UI, while still enjoying the familiar Classic features.

    Spaces Hybrid Mode

    Spaces Hybrid Mode allows SysAid users to adapt to the new Spaces UI while keeping the option to revert back to the Classic, familiar UI in order to gradually get used to the new look and feel.

    Spaces users can use Hybrid Mode in the following ways:

    1. Switch the entire Service Desk back to Classic (temporarily)

    2. Open the Classic Queue Overlay

    3. Open the Service Record Overlay

    Hybrid Queue

    The Hybrid Queue is an overlay displaying the Classic Queue on the Spaces Queue, allowing Admins to perform specific actions that are not yet available in the Spaces Queue – and close the overlay upon completion.

    These features, requiring uses Spaces in Hybrid Mode, include:

    Service Records in Hybrid View

    open ticket in hybrid(1)

    Service Records in Hybrid View are displayed as an overlay – displaying the Classic Service Record UI over the original Spaces Service Record.

    This hybrid mode allows Admins to utilize specific Service Record Fields and Actions that are not yet available directly in Spaces Service Records.

    These features include: