Configure SysAid Copilot
    • 25 Jan 2024
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    Configure SysAid Copilot

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    Article Summary

    Who can use this feature

    SysAdmins & AI Admins whose SysAid Service Desk license includes SysAid Copilot can use SysAid Copilot features according to their granted permissions

    Enable SysAid Copilot

    AI Admins can enable SysAid Copilot in the Admin Portal, by going to Settings > Self-Service Portal > General Settings > Service Desk > General and checking off the "Enable SysAid Copilot" checkbox, which enables SysAid Copilot Admin features and the AI Chatbot for End Users.

    AI Admins can also enable AI Emailbot under these Settings (below the “Enable SysAid Copilot” checkbox), whose features and setup are described here.

    Grant AI Admin Permissions

    SysAdmins can grant full control over SysAid Copilot features to Admins (who are not SysAdmins) by going to Settings > Administration > User Management > Service Pros (Admins) and checking off the “AI Admin” checkbox.

    This permission grants the selected Admin with AI Admin Permissions, allowing them to assist with the SysAid Copilot AI configurations available under the AI Chatbot Settings; General, Data Pool, and Monitor & Fine-tune and AI Usage Dashboard.